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I’ve been looking for awhile for a way to back up my blog by capturing each post in a nice, MHTML archived HTML format.  My collegue Rob Caron pointed me in the direction of a tool, Blog Crawler, created by Calvin Hsia.

I tried out the tool, and it worked great on my blog, but didn’t run on my old blog at  So I mentioned this to Calvin and he made several new iterations to support the differences in the site.  What great support, thanks Calvin!!

Blog Crawler Screen Shot - Resized

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  1. Check out this awesome little utility I found. Its not something I would use all the time, but I you…

  2. Calvin has written a blog crawler with both VFP and VB.NET versions that allows you to back up your own…

  3. Jonas says:

    Oh cool! There is a blog backup service at

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