Is connecting to TFS automatically, slowing VS from loading?

Heck yeah.  Frequently I’ll just want to work on some code and not nessasarily connect to our TFS server.  Especially on my laptop when I take it from work to code away at home.  How about the cases where the Team Explorer tool window was visible last time VS was closed, which means when VS loads next you have to wait for it to connect syncronously before the rest of the UI becomes responsive.

So I was reading Marc Brooks’ post on “Visual Studio 2005 sometimes seems slow starting up.” and saw this tip he reposted from Tim Noonan which I’m just so happy to have found…  Thanks Marc & Tim.

“If you have start-up speed issues when the Team Foundation Server is not accessible, you can add a DWORD value called AutoLoadServer under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\TeamFoundation and set the value to 0. That way VS won't try to connect to the TFS machine on startup. You can always set the value to 1 to enable auto-reconnect. I've personally used this trick while doing the maintenance on my TFS server.” – Marc & Tim

Here's are registry settings in RegEdit form (Don't Load TFS Server Till Clicking.reg):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Though now it takes me two clicks to reconnect to the last TFS server, with a significant lag time between the two clicks.  I’m a fan of the simple one-click solution, so if I were to redesign this, i’d look something like this.  One click on the little plus next to your last server would reconnect you to the server.  That would be sweet.  Connect on demand w/ one click.


What do you think?  Find yourself in this situation too?  I’ll pass the feedback onto the TFS team.

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  3. Mitch Denny says:

    Hi there,

    I think it would be good if it didn’t pop a modal dialog box when it fails to connect. I am actually a mobile user and I often connect to TFS via a 3G connection, but if I haven’t bothered to dial up and I’m just launching Visual Studio to look at something then I don’t really care if it doesn’t connect.

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  5. Rob Caron says:

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