Farewell Microsoft

After three Visual Studio releases and five and a half years with Microsoft, I’m moving back to Texas! My journey began on a mysterious new product code named “Burton”, which became Visual Studio Team System.  Those first three years with VSTS shipping “Whidbey” (VS 2005) and “Orcas” (VS 2008) were a real privilege working with…


Get Visual Studio Professional for Free (for Students and Small Businesses)

Microsoft wants you to be able to use the Professional version of its software development tools and is making it easy for students and new businesses to get started.  These are essentially free MSDN subscriptions that include VS Pro, SQL, Expression, and Windows Server. DreamSpark for Students ”DreamSpark is simple; it’s all about giving students…


Set Difference Minus Operation with LINQ in C#

Sometimes you want to use a Difference (or Minus) set operation which goes like this: Give me all elements from set A that do not exist in set B.  Or simply put A – B.  The LINQ Except method does this if both sets A and B are of the same type, but frequently the…


5 Years At Microsoft

Five years ago today I walked into Microsoft building 41 as green as the first day of college.  This entire time I’ve been in the Developer Division with the pleasure to work on improving some of the best software development tools in the industry.  The first 3.5 years were in Visual Studio Team System and…


Eject or Undock a Laptop PC from Command Line or C#

Took me awhile to find this, so it is worth sharing.  If you have a computer (usually laptop, notebook, etc) with a docking station and want to tell the PC to undock itself from the station from the command line, this is it.  For me the scenario is that I frequently undock my system to…


Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Released

We just released VS2010 Beta 1 to the web for public download!!  This is very exciting as my team, the Visual Studio Platform (VSP) team, has made tremendous effort and new functionality in this release of VS.  My VSP team is specifically responsible for the new editor, new WPF based shell, MS Build, VS Extensibility,…


1TB External USB HDD for $100

I was just browsing my favorite computer supplier, newegg.com, when I came across this awesome deal.  It is a 1 TB "Hammer Storage" USB 2.0 external drive.  Sure it’s not a major brand and the $100 is after a $20 mail-in rebate, but hey, what an amazing deal. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822111019 Last night I was browsing for…


Don’t Vote

http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1832128  (tis the season…) (thanks to noah’s mark)


Delegate Type Inference in C#

Today I saw some C# language syntax that made me think, "hey, wait a minute, I didn’t know you could do that!", so perhaps it’ll be new to someone else too.  Honestly, I don’t know how I missed this memo. Let’s start off with the code, then we’ll talk about it.  I’ll including some additional…


RSS Feeds for eBay Searches

RSS feeds are popping up right and left these days for everything from news, to friends’ pictures, to Internet searches.  Recently I discovered that eBay has RSS feeds for auction searches.  It is really handy to keep an eye out for those unique finds that can easily slip by, or as a way to group…