Making the most of your bugs

(This is a re-post of my post on the Team Test blog) I like to think of bugs as glue which links software teams together.  Developers write the code, testers test it, and bugs serve as the gooey battle ground where folks try to make sure that the right thing is done for the customer….


The Evolution of the UI Design of Test and Lab Manager

In the last post, I discussed how our team approaches designing user interfaces in an Agile manner. In this post, I will discuss how the design of Test and Lab Manager, aka codename Camano, has evolved as assumptions were tested and feedback was received. Starting out After doing extensive research on the testing market, we…


How We Approach Agile Design

For approximately the past year and a half, I have been working on building the next generation of testing tools. Our standalone UI, Microsoft Test and Lab Manager, was built to allow testers to plan their testing and overview their results. We have built the UI in an Agile manner and followed Agile processes. In…


My moment on Channel 9

A little while ago, I did an interview with Brian Keller and the Channel 9 team to explain some of the Manual Testing experiences that were brought to light in the September CTP of Visual Studio 2010. If you haven’t had a chance to see video, I would recommend looking it over.  In it you’ll…


What Would Alan Cooper Do?

I have been recently thinking about designing simple yet powerful UI.  I recently sat down one weekend to take notes from Alan Cooper, one of the thought leaders in interface design, from his book About Face.   Below are some of the points from the book that I found particularly interesting that I have been trying to keep in…


ooh Camano… ooh planning testing in the November CTP

In several of the organizations that we’ve visited we’ve found some that some of the more experienced ones tend to put much thought into planning their testing efforts.  One of the organizations that we visited, followed an agile testing process with sprints of four weeks in duration as follows:   Before the sprint, the test…


Who are Generalist Testers?

I have been recently focusing on a project to improve the lives of generalist testers for our next release ‘Rosario.’ In order to improve their lives, I’ve been trying to understand them better, their methods for testing software and what like to eat for lunch.  Here’s what I’ve learned so far: Background: Testers have a different background than…


New Unit Testing Features in Orcas (Part 2)

This is a part of a series of postings on the details of some of the new features appearing in Orcas.  All these features will be available in Orcas beta 2. Gaining Access to Private Code under test: In Whidbey, we introduced the concept of private accessors to provide users with an easy way to…


New Unit Testing Features in Orcas (Part 1)

This is a part of a series of postings on the new unit testing features appearing in Orcas.  All these features will be available in Orcas beta 2. I know that MSTest isn’t yet the darling of the TDD world, but I’d like to think that our TDD story has improved a decent amount in…


Test Lists Going Pro

Judging from your feedback, it seems that the majority of you feel that the authoring and execution of Test Lists is an integral component of the unit testing experience.  In short, we agree with you and have therefore decided to trickle Test Lists down to the Pro Sku in Orcas as well.  The changes will be…