What Happens when the Domain Connectivity from the SCVMM server Breaks


Friends, I am back with yet another Post on SCVMM(System Centre Virtual Machine Manager). It is very simple but still important as it wont tell you about the real issue anywhere in the Errors which you will see on the screen.


So, the issue starts from inability to Launch the VMM Console and we see Errors like below:






If we go by the above Errors we will think that it’s a Permissions issue and the user account has gone missing from the RunAs Accounts in VMM.

When you go and check the Local Administrators Group on VMM server you see something like this where instead of the User Accounts we see GUIDs, which might tell that there is some issue going on with the Domain Connectivity:




From here we got a clue and we ran the below command to check the Secure Channel to the Domain Controller and that also failed as expected:


nltest /sc_verify: Domain.com


Then we checked the Event Viewer and we saw the below Events coming there:







After looking at the above Errors, it was confirmed that the issue was with the Domain Connectivity. So we worked on that and after fixing the domain connectivity issue, we were able to Open the VMM console fine.

I hope this will help you addressing similar issues.



Nitin Singh

Support Escalation Engineer

Microsoft Security and Manageability Division

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