Tutorial and sample on Inserting Flat-file messages into On-Premise SQL Server Using BizTalk Bridges

We now have a new sample and tutorial that demonstrates how to insert a flat-file message into an on-premises SQL Server using BizTalk Services bridges deployed in Windows Azure. The tutorial and sample are created around a business scenario

Business Scenario

Fabrikam and Contoso are two business partners. Fabrikam (the retailer) sends sales order messages to Contoso (the supplier). Contoso maintains all the sales order data in table called Orders, which is housed in a SQL Server database within Contoso’s premises. Fabrikam sends flat-file messages to Contoso using an FTP server. Hence, Contoso has to implement a solution on Windows Azure, which enables the following:

  • Contoso must pull the flat file messages from the FTP server at which Fabrikam drops the sales order messages.
  • Contoso must process the message received from Fabrikam and map it to the message for inserting the sales order in its SQL Server database.

To enable this scenario, Contoso does the following:

  • Generates the schema of the flat-file message that it will receive from Fabrikam.
  • Configures an XML One-Way Bridge as part of the BizTalk Service project to enable message validation and transformation. This bridge takes a flat-file message, validates it against the schema generated earlier, and then transforms it to the schema required to enter a message into the SQL Server database.
  • Uses BizTalk Adapter Service to connect to the on-premise SQL Server database from the XML One-Way Bridge deployed under the BizTalk Services subscription


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