Migrating BizTalk Server Agreements to BizTalk Services

Trading Partner Management is one of the most important features offered by all versions of BizTalk Server. Organizations have been using the BizTalk Server Trading Partner Management module to manage their trading partners, and the agreements they have with those trading partners. With large enterprises using BizTalk Server, it’s more than likely they have hundreds of trading partners and thousands of agreements. As organizations look to move some pieces of their enterprise applications to Windows Azure, it would be very handy to have some tools that can assist in this migration so that the investments in the BizTalk Server on-prem processes can be leveraged when migrating to Windows Azure based BizTalk Services.

The Trading Partner agreement migration tool does just that. You can download the tool (TPMMigration) from the Tools category at this download location. TPMMigration is a wizard-based tool that will ask you for your on-premises BizTalk Server environment, retrieve the trading partners and trading partner agreements in that BizTalk Server environment, and then let you select which partners and agreements you want to migrate to Azure BizTalk Services Portal. You can find more information about the tool usage, etc. from the Readme that is included with the tool.

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