What do you want to see in the official documentation for BizTalk Server 2013 Beta and Service Bus EAI/EDI Labs?

I am reaching out to the BizTalk community to come up with a list a scenarios that you want to be documented as part of the official documentation from Microsoft. You can share with us scenarios that are:

  • Hybrid – Scenarios that involve both BizTalk Server as well as Service Bus EAI/EDI Labs. This could be a scenario where a part of the solution is hosted on the cloud while the remaining part of the solution is hosted on-premise using BizTalk Server. You could also have hybrid scenarios that involve all the processing on the cloud and then the output data is stored on on-prem LOBs.


  • Purely cloud – Scenarios where the entire solution is set up using cloud-based technologies, end to end.

No solution can be set up around a single technology. So, needless to say, you can suggest scenarios/solutions that involve different technologies including but not limited to Service Bus, Windows Azure SQL Database, etc.

This is your chance to have your scenarios addressed and included as guidance in the Help documentation. So, reach out and let me know and we’ll work on prioritizing and providing a solution, either in the shape of a sample, a blog post, or including that in the official Help documentation. You can provide your inputs either as comments to this blog post or drop me an e-mail.

Comments (1)

  1. I would like to see a scenario that shows how the different queues technologies of the integration stack fits in. They all solve the basic problem of queuing messages, but for different problem domains.

    – Windows Service Bus

    – Azure Service Bus

    – MSMQ

    – BizTalk Messages Box

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