Asking for Scenarios for Using Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs

Hi !! I am looking to document some real-world business scenarios for using the Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs. This could be a very basic scenario or a really complex one. I am game with either. Would you like to share your specific scenarios with me. We can work together on getting it documented as part of the official MSDN docs. What say? Exciting!! All you need to do is to send me an e-mail via this blog and I’ll promise to get back to you.

You don’t need to share the exact scenario and/or the real world data with me. Just an outline around how you are using Service Bus EAI/EDI Labs to meet your business needs. We can always add dummy data/processes around the base scenario. So, please do reach out to me and I’ll make sure I acknowledge your contribution to that paper/article topic on MSDN.



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