Interesting!! Why Would I need an EDI Project (artifacts) Visual Studio Template installed by Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs SDK?

I install Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs SDK and I open Visual Studio to start creating an integration solution. I can see two project templates available to me. One of those is EDI Project (artifacts). I open that and I see only transform and a couple of schemas added to the project by default and the first question I ask myself is, why would I need this? Well, here’s why?

image      image 

As the name suggests, this project type just lets you create the artifacts that you might want to use while setting up an agreement on the EDI portal. If you create the artifacts using this project template, you can upload these artifacts using the EDI portal and use them as part of your agreement.

OK. Got it. But why do I need to have a project type just for artifacts? I could have used the other project type to create artifacts, right? Well, yes, technically speaking you could have used the other project as well but the purpose of EAI project template is much larger and is not just limited to creating artifacts. So, if you just want to create artifacts for use in the EDI portal, use the EDI Project template. If you want to use the artifacts as part of a bridge configuration, use the EAI project template.

Looks like Microsoft thought of this well ahead. Good job!!

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  1. Fixed an error in the blog. Thanks Mandi Anez for pointing this out.

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