Tutorial on how to Integrate Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs with an On-Premise SAP Server

One of the key value propositions of Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs is the ability to extend the reach of on-premise LOB applications like SQL, SAP, or Oracle to applications running on the cloud. You can use the Service Bus EAI/EDI Labs to expose operations on the on-premise LOB applications as operations on the cloud. As a start, I have written a tutorial on how to expose operations on your on-premise SAP Server instance for other cloud-based applications to consume. The scenario used for this tutorial is this:

Contoso sends a purchase order (PO) message to Fabrikam in an X12 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format using the PO (X12 850) schema. Fabrikam (that uses an SAP Server to manage partner data), accepts PO from its partners using the ORDERS05 IDOCS. To enable Contoso to send a PO directly to Fabrikam’s on-premises SAP Server, Fabrikam uses Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs to set up a hybrid integration scenario where the integration layer is hosted on Azure and the SAP Server is within the organization’s firewall. The following illustration depicts the scenario:


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