MSDTC Troubleshooting tips vis-à-vis BizTalk Server now on TechNet Wiki

We can think of TechNet wiki as the “open source” documentation platform from Microsoft. Through the wiki we want the community to actively contribute their knowledge to create quality content.

With respect to BizTalk Server, MSDTC remains one of the key areas where customers run into a lot of issues. A bunch of such issues are already documented on MSDN. However, the version on MSDN does not empower the community to go and contribute their learning and knowledge. So, I have just taken the information as is from the MSDN documentation and copied it over to the wiki here. The idea is to have you all contribute to this page by adding/editing any information that you feel others would also benefit from.

I request and urge you all to visit the page on the wiki and contribute actively to make the document one-stop-shop for everything “MSDTC” with respect to BizTalk Server.

Comments (2)

  1. I agree MSDTC is a key component and I created a blog post on it last year:…/biztalk-and-msdtc.html. There are also a lot of questions in forums on MSDTC issues.

  2. True. A 'touchy' subject.

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