BizTalk Server (related) Content on the TechNet Wiki !!

The TechNet Wiki initiative is a shift from the traditional way Microsoft delivers content. While MSDN has been Microsoft’s primary source for providing content on the Web, and while a lot of content has always been created through interactions and learning from customers, field engineers, MVP, etc. (read “community”), the community had to (in most cases) go through the UE teams to get their feedback or idea incorporated. With the launch of the TechNet wiki, the dependency on the content team is removed. Anyone who has the information to share, and the right information, can go ahead and post it on the wiki.

While empowering the community is the most obvious reason behind this initiative, Wiki does provide some more very obvious advantages. It enables real-time publishing and editing.. the moment you press submit, your content’s on the Web to look. And, there are many more that we can discuss later… In this post I wanted to highlight how BizTalk Server content team (now called BizTalk Server Community and Content Group aka CCxG) is trying to take ‘calculated’ steps to put some key BizTalk Server related content on the wiki. The content that we have chosen to put on the Wiki to start with is mostly related to BizTalk integration with AppFabric. Here are the topics that we have published on the Wiki:

Why am I telling you all this? Well, this wiki content is for you to use, validate, and contribute. Like I said before, this is a calculated experiment and we want to find out how it is being received by the people or group who matter to us the most, and that is you and you as part of a community. If you think it’s a good step, let us know. If you think it’s way off, let us know with a list of where it messes up (the bigger the list, the better it is). We are super-interested in hearing from you and working with you to make this a success.

How can you contact us? You can leave your comments here on this blog post or e-mail us.

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  1. Checking out these TechNet Wiki links. Thanks!

  2. Thanks guys!! I would request you to keep contributing to the wiki. It's a great platform to make your content available to a broad base of users. Plus, you get a lot of community recognition by doing so 🙂

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