Which BizTalk Server samples do you want?

I am planning to create some real good usage samples for BizTalk Server 2010. I want to know for what feature or set of features would you like to have samples. If required, I can also complement the samples with videos. With this post, I am trying to reach out to you to help me…


Watch the BizTalk Server 2010 videos !!

You are more for the visuals than the alphabets. You like watching more than reading. We knew you would say yes and so we have come up with a set of videos to help you understand the key usage scenario for BizTalk Server 2010 – EAI and EDI. We have a set of videos demonstrating…


BizTalk Server (related) Content on the TechNet Wiki !!

The TechNet Wiki initiative is a shift from the traditional way Microsoft delivers content. While MSDN has been Microsoft’s primary source for providing content on the Web, and while a lot of content has always been created through interactions and learning from customers, field engineers, MVP, etc. (read “community”), the community had to (in most…


Which BizTalk Server edition is right for me?

The most common questions that customers come up with is – which BizTalk Server edition is right for their business. All the information that can help you decide which edition to go with is available here. You can get some more questions answered at Microsoft BizTalk Server Pricing and Licensing FAQ.


Upgrading to BizTalk Server 2010: What happens with BizTalk Adapter Pack?

Now that BizTalk Adapter Pack is part of BizTalk Server 2010 installation media, there have been some confusions related to Adapter Pack upgrade. There have been some questions/comments floating that upgrading to BizTalk Server 2010 also upgrades existing Adapter Pack installation to BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010. Well, this is not correct. Even though BizTalk Adapter…


What’s the New Name for WCF-based LOB adapters for BizTalk Server 2010?

The first version of the WCF-based LOB adapter pack that was supported with BizTalk Server was called BizTalk Adapter Pack 1.0, even though the individual adapters within the adapter pack had the version number 3.0 (e.g. BizTalk Adapter 3.0 for mySAP Business Suite). Let’s not go into the details of why the adapters were christened…