Azure Stack available for everyone!!!

Can’t wait to drive this technology with our customers and partners … Microsoft has expanded its cloud service by letting companies enjoy all the benefits of Azure within their own data centres. Azure Stack has been rolled out across the world, and allows developers to create and run applications on their own servers but…


Public preview of Azure Advisor

A personalized recommendation engine that provides proactive best practices guidance for optimally configuring your Azure resources.  While it’s easy to start building applications on Azure, making sure that the underlying Azure resources are setup correctly and being used optimally can be a challenging task. Details here


Microsoft adds Azure data centres in UK

The Microsoft Cloud in the UK opens today with Azure and Office 365 now generally available from multiple data centre locations in the UK. This cloud empowers the digital transformation of businesses and public sector organisations, helping them increase productivity while meeting compliance and policy requirements. Dynamics CRM Online will join the line-up in the…


Adafruit Feather with to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub

If you are the lucky owner of the Microsoft Azure IoT Starter Kits containing Adafruit Feather, I’ve created a step-by-step guide for you to integrate with Azure. The aim of this mini project is for the Adafruit Feather to communicate with to the Microsoft Azure IoT Hub. Adafruit Feather should be able to send telemetry messages…


Time Lapse Video using Raspberry Pi and Windows Azure

Hello, Recently had some spare bandwidth and a Raspberry Pi device to play with. Great. 🙂 . Embarked on a project to create time-lapsed videos in conjunction with the Raspberry Pi camera module.  Project takes snapshots every seconds, per day and uploads the photographs to Microsoft Azure at the end of every hour. At the…


We are Hiring …..

Interested in joining a team which is undertaking fun-filled cloud journey within Microsoft. Here is your opportunity … Architect – Gurgoan Architect – Mumbai Architect – India Architect – India [Update 2nd June 2016] Thanks for all your responses. We now have the super team that we were searching for and the head count search is…


Azure RateCard API and Excel Integration

Simple challenge We have been tasked to find out the monthly consumption cost of Azure services that we would be consuming as part of our solution. Although our production example had approximately a dozen services in it, to keep this example simple, in this blog we’ll be looking at only a couple of azure services….


Bare Metal – MPI library on Azure Linux nodes

This post was published to Ninad Kanthi’s WebLog at 21:33:08 10/07/2015 Bare Metal – MPI library on Azure Linux nodes     Step-By-Step guide   This article shows how a MPI applications can be setup using “bare metal” Linux nodes on Azure. It must be emphasized that this article shows how easy it is to…


Big Bank Weekend Project

      Converting Azure PowerShell scripts to Linux Scripts. In one of my recent customer engagements, I was demonstrating the capabilities of Azure HPC and Azure Batch. During the meeting the customer mentioned that as much as they liked the Windows PowerShell environment, they use Linux for undertaking most of their HPC compute requirements…