The “Assign To” field in TFS 2008

A quite common customer’s demand is to narrow the Assign To combo box in work item’s form in TFS. By default this field displays all the valid members of TFS server.

The most reasonable (and common) choice for this field is the members of the project’s Contributors group.

If this is what you need, follow these steps:

1) Install Team Foundation Power Tools in your client machine. 

2) In Visual Studio 2008, go to Tools –>Process Editor->Work Item Types->Open WIT from Server

3)Select the work item of your choice (task, bug, etc)

4) Double Click on the “Assign To” field image

5) On the Field Definition form, select the Rules tab. Delete the default value (VALIDUSER) and click Add. In the popup form add the [Project]\Contributors. image 

Press OK to all dialogs and save the Work Item template in your server.

That’s it. Click refresh in Team Explorer and try to add a new work item, check the Assign To combo box values….

The same seems to work in TFS 2010 RC as well.

Comments (3)

  1. Waseem Arfi says:

    It gives me an error saying that the account name mentioned is not recognized

  2. nikos4free says:

    It should work, you can eve use literal texts in the value (like the "unassigned") – check this…/b24eadee-448f-4072-940e-9d7c75f2f69c

    BTW do not replace the [project] with your project's name…


  3. Thorsten says:

    Hi, if i try this. the Assign To DropDown only show "Contributors", and not the Users of the Contributors Group.

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