Database Virtualisation: The End of Oracle RAC?

Reposting an interesting article from flashdba (Oracle databases, Exadata and the high-performance world of flash storage) on Sept. 10th.   Conclusion Ok so the title of this post was deliberately straying into the realms of sensationalism. I know that RAC is not dead – people will be running RAC systems for years to come. But…


Windows Azure Jump Start

The Windows Azure Jump Start video series is for all architects and developers interested in designing, developing and delivering cloud-based applications leveraging the Windows Azure Platform. The overall target of this course is to help development teams make the right decisions with regard to cloud technology, the Azure environment and application lifecycle, Storage options, Diagnostics,…


Useful resources for SQL Azure

Reviewing “Microsoft Azure: Enterprise Application Development”, from Richard J. Dudley, Nathan A. Duchene published by PACKT Publishing (ISBN 978-1-849680-98-1) on December 2010, I stepped into the following useful resources for SQL Azure: Microsoft projects Project Dublin SQL Azure migration wizard 3rd party projects SQL Azure manager from Hanssens Azure products from Cerebrata SQL Azure: Patching…


Reviewing Azure Books

I’m currently working on the review of the following books for Windows Azure and SQL Azure from Packt Publishing: Microsoft SQL Azure Enterprise Application Development Microsoft Azure: Enterprise Application Development I will post my review in this blog within next couple of weeks.


NEW: Cloud Computing Content

Microsoft IT Showcase is pleased to announce the publication of 10 Microsoft IT Showcase videos and 10 TechNet Radio sessions for external consumption: Video: What Does the Cloud Mean to the CIO TechNet Radio session coming Wednesday, January 26, 2011 Video: Microsoft IT Enterprise Architecture and the Cloud TechNet Radio session coming Wednesday, February 2,…


Windows and SQL Azure content

During the past 2 months, I have spent enough time on Cloud Computing and Windows/SQL Azure in particular. During this time I found enough interesting whitepapers and links, so I thought of sharing them with you: Inside SQL Azure 7 things you need to know about SQL Azure reporting Migrating Databases to SQL Azure SQL…


Remind: Windows Azure Platform Benefits for MSDN Subscribers

The Windows Azure Platform is an internet-scale cloud computing and services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers. The platform provides a range of functionality to build applications from consumer web to enterprise scenarios. MSDN subscribers can take advantage of this platform to build and deploy their applications. Estimated savings: $2,518 (USD) Activate your Azure benefits…


10 applications you can move to the cloud

An interesting post from Justin James for the 10 apps you can move to the cloud today: 1.   Email 2.   Conferencing 3.   CRM 4.   Web Hosting 5.   Development Test Labs 6.   Video Hosting 7.   Email Security 8.   Common Application Components 9.   Basic Office Applications 10. Batch Processing Applications For more information please read the full…