Business Analytics Accelerator for Telecommunications

The Business Analytics Accelerator for Telecommunications is a TM Forum Frameworx conformant pre-packaged business analytics solution for the telecommunications industry. It helps provide rapid time to implementation for Telco BI scenarios.


Companies in the telecommunications industry have complex internal operations, with the need to track millions of customers and billions of calls and transactions. They are also dealing with an extremely competitive, rapidly evolving external environment. Effective business intelligence (BI) solutions are critical to their future success.

The Microsoft Business Analytics Accelerator for Telecommunications (Telco BAA) provides a framework that can be readily reused and extended to fast-track the design, development, and deployment of a business analytics solution for the telecommunications industry. The Telco BAA focuses on a few core scenarios and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to speed the time to implementation for telecommunications operator. However, the solution can be easily grown to support countless other scenarios.

The data model included in the Telco BAA implements TM Forum Frameworx Information Framework (SID) Aggregate Business Entities (ABE) associated with the following analytical areas:

  • Customer Profitability Data Mart
    • Customer Profitability / Margin
  • Customer Segmentation Data Mart
    • Demographic Segmentation
    • Campaign Response Segmentation
    • Customer Risk Segmentation
    • Customer Care Segmentation
    • Product and Market Revenue Segmentation
    • Customer Invoice Value Segmentation
  • Customer Experience Data Mart
    • Customer Care Performance
    • Demographics
    • Campaign Response
    • Product and Market Revenue
    • Customer Invoice Value (Churn Prediction)
    • Network Performance
    • Aggregated Revenues
    • Customer Risk

The Telco BAA has been fine-tuned through the years and received input from leading industry experts. By leveraging the pre-packaged components and industry best practices, the accelerator provides a better time to market and lower costs for implementing business analytics solutions. It integrates with operational applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint using open, industry standard interfaces.

In addition, the use of the TM Forum Frameworx standards reduces integration with other applications while also reducing developer ramp-up time. The reuse of these components and power of the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform help reduce implementation risk.

The accelerator has undergone TM Forum Conformance Certification for the TM Forum Frameworx, including the following frameworks:

  • Business Process Framework (eTOM)
  • Information Framework (SID)

The SID Aggregate Business Entities (ABE) areas targeted by the accelerator are highligted below:

  • Location
  • Party
  • Customer
  • Customer Bill
  • Customer Interaction
  • Customer Order
  • Product
  • Product Offering
  • Product Specification
  • Resource Usage
  • Market Segment
  • Marketing Campaign


The accelerator helps you more rapidly envison, implement, and deploy Business Analytics applications that utilize telecommunications data. By fully leveraging the power of the intergrated Microsoft data platform, you can gain insight into subscriber behavior, emerging trends, and profitability. Because the data model complies with existing TM Forum standards, it is easy to integrate with your existing systems, thus reducing time-to-market and risk.

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