Microsoft Technet: Device Support for a Flexible Workforce

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The "consumerization of IT" challenges IT people to rethink systems management, shifting from a device-centric to user-centric approach.

Editor's Note: The Balancing Act of a Successful Consumerization of IT Strategy

Configuring, securing and managing enterprise systems for a flexible workstyle and satisfied, productive users means many of the devices will be owned by the employee rather than the organization.

Assess and Plan
White Paper: Flexible Workstyles and Enterprise IT

Find a brief overview of how the consumerization trend has accelerated over the past several years and how that trend is both spurring and supporting the more flexible, modern workstyles preferred by today’s users.

Build your Business Case for the Windows Flexible Workstyle

MMS 2012 Day 2 Keynote by Brad Anderson: A World of Connected Devices

White Paper: Strategies for Embracing Consumerization

This paper describes strategies and best practices to help ensure that corporate assets remain secure and to establish new roles for empowered employees and IT as partners.

The Consumerization of IT Within Microsoft from the CIO’s Perspective

TechNet Magazine: IT Hybridity - The Benefits of Diversity

Video: Saying Yes to Consumerization

Make it Happen
Microsoft Technologies for Consumerization

As a leader in business and consumer technologies, Microsoft is in a unique position to understand and provide guidance on how to responsibly embrace consumerization within enterprises. This article explores specific technologies that the aforementioned white paper recommends in its various scenarios.

Consumerization of IT Test Lab Guides

Managing "BYO" PCs in the Enterprise (including WOA)

“Consumerization of IT,” which is a term describing how consumer technology, from phones to PCs, is bleeding into business organizations in all forms and fashions. And increasingly, the devices that are showing up are owned by and liable to the employee rather than the organization they work for.

Video: Windows Intune Mobile Management Demo

Video: User Centric Application Delivery Demo

Bring in the New
Managing the Windows Store

IT Administrators can control Windows Store availability and functionality based on the business policies of their enterprise environment. The following covers IT Pros’ frequently asked questions about managing aspects of the Windows Store in an enterprise environment.

MVA Course: Windows Server "8" Beta First Look

The course will cover how Windows Server "8" Beta delivers value in four key ways including how it takes you beyond virtualization, delivers the power of many servers, opens the door to every app on any cloud, and enables the modern workstyle.

MVA Course: System Center 2012: Configuration Manager

After completing this course you will understand the features that enable you to easily distribute applications to users, regardless of device or form factor, and perform software updates.

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