What should you know about the upcoming CTP of SQL Azure Reporting?

I received an email from Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting team about the upcoming CTP of SQL Azure Reporting. Perhaps many of you, currently having a SQL Azure subscription, might have received this content, but in case you have not, you will get useful insight:

Microsoft has extended its best-in-class reporting offering to the cloud with SQL Azure Reporting, enabling you to deliver rich insights to even more users without the need to deploy and maintain reporting infrastructure.  During August communication, we have discussed the scope of upcoming CTP of SQL Azure Reporting in September 2011, which is the last CTP prior to SQL Azure Reporting's commercial release.

Before upcoming CTP is available, there are few things you should know:

1. This upcoming CTP will be deployed to a different environment than the current Limited CTP.  Your reports will NOT be automatically migrated to this new CTP environment by Microsoft. If you wish to keep the reports and use in the new CTP, please make sure to have a local copy of the Business Intelligence Development Studio project. Once the upcoming CTP is available, you can then republish the reports from BIDS to the new Web Service endpoint URL that you will get from the new portal once you provision a new "server".

2. After the upcoming CTP is rolled out, we will replace the current "Reporting" page on Windows Azure portal (http://windows.azure.com) with a new Reporting portal experience. You will NOT be able to access the information related to the limited CTP from the new portal page (e.g. old Web Service endpoint URL and Admin user name). If you want to continue using the current CTP, please make sure to copy and save that information somewhere.

Nominate your company to Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting Customer Program

We are looking for a small number of customers who are interested in using SQL Azure Reporting in production. Selected customers will be invited to a NDA customer program managed by SQL Azure Reporting Development Team for product feedbacks.

To apply for this NDA Customer Program, please fill out the form on Microsoft Connect: http://connect.microsoft.com/BusinessPlatform/Survey/Survey.aspx?SurveyID=13263.

Here are some benefits of the program:

  • Free technical assistance on SQL Azure Reporting provided directly by Microsoft SQL Azure Reporting Development Team during the program engagement
  • Dedicated Program Manager during the engagement

The deadline for self-nomination is 9/22/2011. All nominations will be reviewed by the Customer Selection team on a weekly basis. Customers will be informed through emails of the selection results. We encourage those customers who would like to use SQL Azure Reporting in production to sign-up for the program to get direct support by SQL Azure Reporting Team.


The SQL Azure Reporting team

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