Microsoft and HP launch new DW and Database Consolidation solutions

HP and Microsoft Corp. announced on Monday June 6 the next wave of converged application appliances and reference architectures:

  1. The HP Business Data Warehouse Appliance, Optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2, tuned for data warehouses up to 5 TB, with a total HW, Software and Support list price of US$103K (orderable 6/20), and
  2. The HP Database Consolidation Solution, Optimized for SQL Server 2008 R2, a reference architecture for database consolidation, that HP builds on demand for customers, with SQL Server, Hyper-V and System Center with a list price of the HW of US$ 362,275 for a Half-Rack configuration and a US$ 626,243 for a Full-rack configuration. Software cost is additional. (Orderable 6/6).

Delivering on the companies’ extended partnership announced a year and a half ago, the new converged application appliances grow the portfolio of available solutions from HP and Microsoft, which includes previously released:

  • HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance, optimized for SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse, for data warehouses from 10s of TBs to 500+TB
  • HP Business Decision Appliance, a managed self-service BI solution optimized for SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010
  • HP Data Warehouse solutions for Fast Track, for data warehouses from 5TB to 80TB

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