New Announcements for Windows Server AppFabric and BizTalk Server 2010 Beta

Windows Server AppFabric is a set of application services focused on improving the performance and management of Web, Composite, and Enterprise applications.

Faster Web Apps

Windows Server AppFabric improves the speed and availability of Web applications through a highly available, distributed cache that works with current ASP.Net applications.

  • Easy-to-implement distributed cache delivers performance improvements and seamless integration with new and existing applications.
  • Automatic data replication and recovery ensure high availability.
  • .NET Client API is usable from any .NET 3.5 application.

Simplified Composite Apps

Windows Server AppFabric simplifies the development and management of composite applications with out-of-the-box management and monitoring infrastructure for workflows and services.

  • Persistence services for state management of long-running workflows
  • High-performance monitoring infrastructure integrated with Event Tracing for Windows
  • Service and workflow management dashboard integrated with IIS
  • Scriptable management through PowerShell

Enterprise Performance and Availability

An enterprise’s most important and demanding applications can achieve elastic scale, improved performance, availability, and reliability (benefits often associated with the cloud) with the help of Windows Server AppFabric. These, and countless other benefits from an unparalleled partner ecosystem, can be implemented utilizing familiar .NET skills.

BizTalk Server 2010

BizTalk Server 2010 offers significant enhancements to help customers integrate line-of-business systems with Windows .NET and SharePoint based applications to optimize user productivity, gain business efficiency and agility.

Key areas where we are adding value in BizTalk Server 2010 include:

  • Democratizing Integration with mapper and LOB connectivity as WF activities. Enabling our customers to integrate with backend systems easily.
  • Improved integration with SharePoint Server 2010
  • Enhanced BizTalk Mapper
  • Enhanced trading partner management will enable our customers to manage complex B2B relationships with ease
  • Enhanced System Center Management Pack will make BizTalk a first class citizen in enterprises along with SQL Server, Exchange Server etc.
  • Simplified management through single dashboard for IT Pros to manage BizTalk environments.
  • Continued innovation with event filtering and delivery of Radio Frequency ID (RFID) events
  • Secure data transfer across business partners with FTPS adapter


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