cloud data for TouchDevelop released today

What makes some of the best mobile apps great is the ability to share data, game progress, or to play or work together with your friends or other people at the same time. Today is a big day for TouchDevelop: We are releasing cloud data, a super easy, integrated way to create apps with distributed…

help us make TouchDevelop scripts run faster

As a development platform, TouchDevelop is committed to running your scripts in a way that is fast on all platforms and with minimal energy consumption, allowing scripts to better preserve the battery life of your devices. do you want your script to run faster? In order to improve your experience, we would like to better…


Announcing TouchDevelop v2.0 beta: script sharing in the cloud

Today, the TouchDevelop team is thrilled to announce a big step forward in mobile programming: TouchDevelop v2.0 for Windows Phone 7 enables easy sharing of scripts. To reflect the big change, we are renaming the app to TouchDevelop; we secured the new, short domain name, which serves as a hub for all your scripts….