Announcing contest winners + TouchDevelop v3.2: Interactive Tutorials

The final round of the Microsoft Touch of Summer 2013 Contest is over, and we are happy to announce the contest winners who created awesome scripts!

Also, TouchDevelop v3.2 for Windows Phone 8 is out! It is a bug fix update – many thanks to all our users who send us feedback! When you launch the app, it shows you some exciting new content: interactive tutorials.

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Contest winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted a script and to everyone who voted for their favorites! Out of the many submission for the last contest period, three winners emerged. Congratulations! Each winner will receive $500 in cash.

imageLazy Garfield is by Ahmadreza Khonsari, age 15, from Canada, also known as ZedStudio in TouchDevelop. A fun game with no less than 114 pieces of art! Here’s the game description: “As usual Garfield is hungry again and you have to help him to collect foods, in the meanwhile you have to make sure that he doesn't fall from the Hotdog Platforms. Survive to collect coins and with the coins, you can buy stuff; for example, Sunglasses, Hats and etc. BE WARNED: This game is INSANELY addictive!

The game can use your device’s accelerometer to control the action, and your achievements are tracked by an online leaderboard.

Ahmadreza tells us the following about the game creation process: "Lazy Garfield is the most complicated app that I have ever made. [...] I spent around 2 month for finishing Lazy Garfield, I spent around 2 or 3 weeks for developing the actual game and I spent a month for developing the Costumes Store (In-Game Store)."

If you are running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can also get the Lazy Garfield app in the Windows Store.

by rnb_psp19, 1 month agoIn the productivity category, the winning script is Scroogle Search by Noel Arthur Mangalonzo, age 20, from the Philippines, also known as rnb_psp19 in TouchDevelop.

Here’s the list of features: "Unlimited scrolling results (automatically fetches next batch of results at end of page). Rich settings (safe mode, google domain select, language and multiple country restrict)." Note that you’ll need to obtain your own personal Google API key to run the script. 

Noel uses TouchDevelop on a phone: "I can't live a day without writing a single line of code. So when a power outage, due to a storm, broke my laptop, my phone was the first thing I picked up (it's the only other equipment I have where I could possibly code). Instantly, I fired up TouchDevelop."

imageQuantum Random by Eric Johnston, age 44, from the USA, also known as machinelevel in TouchDevelop, is the winning script in the Education and Society category.

Eric says: “While most programs and apps use 'pseudo-random' patterns to try to appear random, this one actually receives random numbers generated on a quantum optics bench by the brilliant and fun team at Australian National University. (” Such truly random numbers can be used for coin toss, treasure finding, song picking, a love machine, a card picker, to help pick your next lottery numbers, and for snake eyes.

He's "an acrobat, amateur quantum computation geek, and professional software engineer in San Francisco", and he programmed this script away from the desk: "I noticed TouchDevelop while specifically looking through Microsoft-developed WP8 apps. I wrote most of my Quantum Random program on airplanes and buses, when using a laptop would have been awkward."

If you didn’t win this time, don’t despair, we are planning to have more contests in the future!

TouchDevelop v3.2: Interactive Tutorials

imageTouchDevelop now comes with a new set of interactive tutorials. The entire TouchDevelop team is really excited about these tutorials, as they can turn anyone into an app creator!

The tutorials are interactive; they guide you step-by-step on the way to your first app. Tool tips show you exactly which buttons to press. If you make a mistake, they will show you how to get back on track.

Even if you already know how to create apps with TouchDevelop, go ahead and show your friends how easy it can be! Let them create their own game or app with Touchdevelop

Tutorials are also available in the TouchDevelop Web App on any device. Look out for another blog post in the future where I’ll drill down into how these tutorials work. 

screenshot_3 screenshot_4

Oh, and we also got rid of the requirement to log in. Unless you want to publish new content, or want to use certain cloud-based functions, you don’t need to log in anymore if you just want to try out TouchDevelop.

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    I have developed a windows 8 app and it failed certification showing error that it did not support touch and keyboard functionality i rectified and uploaded it but still not certified help me in this regard

  2. murray says:

    i hope the votes had no impact on the winning game! there were 24 votes for lazy garfield, yet only about ten people had played it and were on the score leaderboard. having online voting for a comp is useless as anyone can create an account and vote, which is what happened here!

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