Microsoft Touch of Summer 2013 Contest

We received many TouchDevelop script submissions for the August/September period of the Microsoft Touch of Summer 2013 Contest. Thanks to everyone who submitted a script, and to everyone who voted for their favorites! We are now happy to announce the winners. There is one winner in each category.

We’ll soon start voting on scripts for the September/October period. If you didn’t win this time, or if your script won't be picked for the September/October, or if you didn’t quite finish your script yet: Don’t despair, we are planning to have more contests in the future!

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by Spon Hum Com, 1 month agoThe productivity winning script is Digit Clock by Spon Hum Com. It’s a fancy digital watch that shows not only time, but also the current weather, what appointments you have coming up, and much more!

You will want to run this on your Windows Phone to take advantage of all features.



by Nikolai@TouchDevelop, 25 seconds agoThe winning game script is JungleMaster by SpiegelEye. Here is what the authors says: “JungleMaster is a classical master mind game. If you don't know the rules, you can find it on the internet.” It’s a really great way to hone your code-breaking skills; hours of fun in the jungle.

We really liked the graphics of this game.

It looks best on a smartphone, but also runs great on tablets and PCs.

Society and Education

by User81453, 3 months agoIf you want to practice your math skills, try the winning Entertainment script: Quick Math by nomad_Kid. Here is what the author says: “This app intends to help […] to learn basic arithmetic in a simpler and quicker way. The idea of this app is basically from the memory when I was a kid learning basic arithmetic. Even addition and subtraction within 10 took me many days to get familiar with. At that time, I did plenty of practice exercises. Therefore, I am trying to develop this app that can generate random basic arithmetic questions […]. I hope they can have fun learning basic arithmetic. When I was trying to develop this app, I found an app- LetterDefender, designed by Russel Beattie, which can present my idea very well, so I used some lines of code in LetterDefender. For this version, features included: 1. Question types: "+" , "-" , "*" , "/" , "mixed" 2. Level of difficulty 3. Maximum number 4. Tutorial --- 4 basic math tricks in two slides 5. Bonus questions 6. More sound effects

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    can we get to know who were the runners up….?

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