Pex and Moles become Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools

After more than a year of community feedback on DevLabs, Pex and Moles have taken the next step and have become Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools. To reflect this step forward, we have increased the version number to 0.90.

Pex and Moles still come with a Pre-Release license, which will not change until Visual Studio 2010 itself ships. MSDN subscribers can download Pex for commercial use. Unlike the previous DevLabs download, Pex no longer requires Visual Studio 2010 Team Suite, but will work with Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 Professional or better. The Pex installer includes Moles. Moles is also available separately for commercial use without requiring an MSDN subscription. In addition, a version of Pex is still available for academic and non-commercial use.

Get the Pex and Moles Power Tools now, and learn more about the new license terms at Also take a look at our completely overhauled documentation.

The MSDN forums are still there to help you with questions at

Thank for your support, and all the valuable feedback you gave us during our time on DevLabs. We have incorporated many of your suggestions, and we will keep listening.

Your Pex Team

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  1. pex says:

    PEX and moles need to do more decisive steps forward … I think

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