How do you use Pex in Visual Studio? Your Input Is Needed!

Since it’s been almost a year that we’ve released Pex, we have started a little survey on our forums. We are looking for feedback on how you use Pex and how you would like to use it. If you are interested, please voice yourself  on our mini survey at

The questions are:

1. Are you using Pex already? A) From Visual Studio, B) the command-line, C) other, D) no
2. Which version of Visual Studio are you using? A) Professional, B) Team System, C) other
3. How many people are in your team?
4. Do you write A) Parameterized Unit Tests (PUTs), or B) only use the Wizard-generated PUT stubs?

Any other comments are appreciated as well, about the license terms, or required Visual Studio versions…
Thanks,  The Pex Team

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