STL/CLR talk and demo from MVP Summit and SDWest 2007

Last week I have attended SD West 2007 conference. It has been a well organized conference with many very interesting sessions. I have found very interesting and educational all talks I have attended in C++ track, Vista track, WCF, Process and Security. I wished I was able to attend more sessions. A week before last…


STL/CLR in Visual Studio codename Orcas March CTP

If you have not noticed yet, March CTP of Visual Studio Orcas has been released. It is available as Virtual PC image or as a self-extracting install. It contains a major refresh of STL/CLR with many bug fixes and two new adapters. Both of them help with data exchange between STL/CLR container and .Net container…


Another update to STL/CLR is integrated.

As I have announced on VC Blog, VC++ libraries team has integrated another big updated to STL/CLR. We have added two new adapters that are designed to interop with .Net Framework Collection classes and STL/CLR. Also we have fleshed out support for IDictionary/IDictionary<K,T> and KeyValuePair<K,T> to map and hash_map. And we have also fixed a…


STL/CLR specification is available online

Just in case people have not noticed this yet, I would like to bring your attention to the fact that the design specification for STL/CLR is available online for everyone on MSDN site. Here is the direct link to it: You may also find other specifications for features that are coming out in the…


First public release of STL/CLR in Orcas is available now!

The first public release of STL/CLR in Orcas is available for download. This version of STL/CLR has most of core functionality done and ready to use. We are continue working on fixing code defects, adding parts of library related to interop with .Net Collection classes and tuning performance. I have posted a brief outline of…


More information about STL/CLR

Ale is a developer in VC Libraries team who works on STL/CLR. He has just described on vcblog areas of STL/CLR that he is currently working on. You may find the post here, Feel free to share with him your thoughts and expections on STL/CLR.


Generic Interfaces in STL/CLR

Today I would like to start introducing parts in STL/CLR library which are not present in STL. In this post, I give a short overview of generic interfaces implemented in STL/CLR. They solve problem of providing access to STL/CLR container across .Net assembly boundary. I start with showing the problem first followed by overview of a…


STL/CLR comparing to STL

I continue introducing to STL/CLR. In this post I would like to describe what parts of STL library are implemented in STL/CLR.   STL/CLR provides an implementation of each container that is part of STL library. the list of STL containers may also be found here, And same list one may see in STL/CLR….


Codeguru slow chat or where I spend my time

Sorry, I know I promised more information about STL/CLR and did not keep my promise last two days. It is just I have a portion of my time dedicated to emails from you or posts made by you on forums or in newsgroups. In particular last two days I have spent that portion of time on…


What is STL/CLR

STL/CLR, originally called STL.NET, is an implementation of Standard Template Library (STL) that can operate with objects of managed types. VC++ already has implementation of STL, however it is currently working only with native types. If you ever tried inserting an object of managed type in STL container, you would see an error like this…