Final version of WWSAPI for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 and my plans

In today’s post: Check out this post that announces availability of the final version of WWSAPI runtime for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008. This version corresponds to the one released in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.Please make sure to regenerate all code using the new version of wsutil.exe tool. You…


Are there patterns in technical interviews?

A friend of mine has started an interesting blog dedicated to a theory that there are patterns in questions asked on technical interviews. The idea behind the theory is that there is a small set of the core problems and techniques asked during interviews. Once you know answers to this set, you can answer most…


PDC 2008 registration is live now!

In case you have missed the announcement, PDC2008 registration is now open.  You can advantage of the Early Bird discount and save $200 on your registration. The conference takes place in Los Angeles on October 27-30, 2008. I will be there to introduce the technology my team has been working on. And this is alo…


Geographic location of my blog’s visitors

I have started using MyWorldMaps control to track geographic  location of my blog’s visitors. Once it accumulates some data, the report should show up on this web page below.


Moving from Visual C++ to Windows Core Networking

I would like to let readers of my blog know that today is my last day with Visual C++ team. Starting next Monday I am going to be on Windows Core Networking team. For a reader of my blog, this change of my position means that the content of future posts on my blog is…


What’s new in Visual C++ 2008 Express for Beta 2 release of Visual Studio 2008

  Great news everyone! VS2008 Beta 2 has been just released and you may download it and installed it on your computer. Beta 2 previews two major improvements in VC++ Express for VS2008, about which I am very excited about. This is why I have decided to briefly mention them on my blog. The first…


Using C# in C++ project with Visual Studio 2005

Today when I have been cleaning folders on my hard drive, I have found yet another demo project.  I have built it sometime ago to demonstrate how how one can have C# and C++ project in one solution and link them both into one binary using C++ linker. It looks like it had never found its…


ATL Server as shared source project

Great news – ATL Server is moving to a shared source project. If you have not already noticed, it was announced on VCBLog. This release enables developers to fix bugs and add new features to ATL Server. Same time they can release new drops more often than Visual C++ releases. As it was pointed out…


Discussing Visual C++ product strategy

There is an interesting post on VC++ Orcas forum, which I thought I would link to from my blog. Initial question contains a summary of frequently asked questions about VC++ strategy in managed code. The author has expressed several concerns about VC++ approach and feature set. We who work on the product also think about…


Another update to STL/CLR is integrated.

As I have announced on VC Blog, VC++ libraries team has integrated another big updated to STL/CLR. We have added two new adapters that are designed to interop with .Net Framework Collection classes and STL/CLR. Also we have fleshed out support for IDictionary/IDictionary<K,T> and KeyValuePair<K,T> to map and hash_map. And we have also fixed a…