Follow up from building web services in native C/C++ code session at TechEd 2009

Thanks everyone for attending the session on building web services in C++ code during TechEd 2009! I greatly appreciate all your questions, comments and suggestions. Please fill out the evaluation of this session if you have done this yet. To evaluate this session, open Session List page, search for DTL311 session. Once the search finds the session, find on the page "Evaluate this session" button. Clicking on this button will open up very small questionnaire. If you have time, please provide any comments on the session in the edit box also.

A copy of the presentation is available here. You can find instructions for setting up the demo and the source code for the demo in this post. You can find the video recording of this talk here.

During the talk, I have mentioned the upcoming dev lab. Several of you have asked me for details. The lab will take place on May 19-21 as part of "Enterprise Network Solutions" virtual lab. You can find more information about the lab in this post.

Lastly, you can find links to all online resource available to you for building web services and clients to web services in C and C++ code on this page.

Thanks again for attending the session and for your comments and suggestions.

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