Release Candidate version of Windows Web Services in Windows 7 RC

You have probably already noticed that Windows 7 Release Candidate became available earlier this week. To continue using Windows Web Services on Windows 7 Release Candidate, you need to download Windows SDK for Windows 7 RC. It is available in ISO and Web Setup format.  Web setup allows you to install a specific subset of the SDK you select without having to download the entire SDK. ISO setup allows you to burn a DVD that will install the entire SDK.  There are three ISO images available for different the CPU platform x86, x64, or Itanium. However once you install the SDK with either of three ISO images, you can build applications that target any of three CPU platforms. 

If you have already built a code using Windows Web Services API from Windows 7 Beta, you have to be aware that the team has made several breaking changes. The easiest way to migrate your code is:

1.      Regenerate all .c and .h files from WSDL and XSD files using the RC version of wsutil.exe

2.      Rebuild all your code using the new generated code

The changes you need to make are minor and mostly around type of the parameters. If you have not been using the generated code, please watch after similar changes in types and function signatures also. If you need any help or have any questions, please just leave comments on this post or ask questions on the forum.

There is one very helpful feature available for you in the RC that deserves a special attention. The RC version of the WWS Runtime fully supports tracing. In my next post I will outline how to use tracing.

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