Talks and blogs on building web services in native C/C++ code in Italian

If you speak Italian, there are two great resources to learn more about connecting your native C/C++ code and web services.

  1. Raffaele Rialdi has started series of posts on his blog about how to use API for building both web services and clients to them in native code. He has presented the API in a session during Basta! Conference and Win7 pre-launch.
  2. Mario Fontana has also posted very detailed step-by-step guides for building web services in C/C++ and clients to web services in C/C++. I also know that he has also built a very cool sample to demonstrate integration between a WWSAPI based native code client and a Biztalk Orchestration with SAP. I can't wait to see a post on his blog showing this demo.

So if you speak Italian, you can follow blogs of Raffaele and Mario to get updates on the API. Grazie e ciao!

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