Workaround for a failure to retrieve automatic proxy settings on Windows 7 Pre-Beta

When using Web Services API on Windows 7 Pre-Beta build 6801.0,  you may get the following error in:

Failure errorCode=0x803d0015

Failed to retrieve the automatic proxy settings.

The proxy could not process the request.

There is a work around to the issue. Here is what you have to do:

·         Open Internet Options from Tools menu in the Internet Explorer.

·         Switch to Tab Connections and click on the button LAN settings.

·         On the dialog that IE should open for you

o   Uncheck “Automatically detect settings”

o   Uncheck “Use automatic configuration script”.

o   If you have a proxy server setup on the LAN, check “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and manually specify address and port of this server.

 This should get you going for now.  The root cause of the issue has already been fixed in the Beta builds of Web Services API. It should work just fine with Windows 7 Beta once it is available.

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