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  1. SUJAN.K.S says:

    We have developed XPSDrv module which outputs xps file for Vists OS.

    Now we are on the verge of starting implementation of supporting discovery with-in our config module.

    Please let us know whether we can start using

    1.WWSAPI’s which is newly introduced in Windows 7 SDK to implement WS-Discovery.Can we use these API’s to build discovery in our native driver code?

    2.Are these API’s supported in XP OS ?.As we need our XPSDrv module to be supported from WinXP OS onwards.

    3.In case we can use these WWSAPI’s in our native code, we need some samples which will show how to discover a printer device over the n/w ?

    4.Our intention is to discover the printer over the n/w and get the Device Capabilities dynamically.

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