Building web services in native C/C++ code – PDC 2008 talk slide deck and demos

Hello! Thank you everyone who attended the talk on Windows Web Services API at PDC 2008. For those who could not make it, I am attaching to this post a version of a slide deck and demos I have been using.

Remember that you need to have Visual Studio 2008 and Windows SDK for Windows 7 pre-Beta to build and run demos on pre-Beta version of Windows 7.

Also, the video recording of this talk will be posted tomorrow afternoon at this location, .

If you have any feedback, please feel free to comment on this post or contact me directly using the form on the blog. I promise to keep posting more updates on the blog in the future.

WWSAPI at PDC 2008 Slides and

Comments (3)

  1. SUJAN says:

    Need information as we are working on developing Web services for Printer Drivers to support from XP onwards.

  2. Nikola Dudar says:

    Hi Sujan,

    For introduction to WWSAPI, please check out the video and the slide deck from PDC 2008 presentation from here: If you were at PDC 2008, check out the hard drive you have received that contains full version of pre-release documentation for WWSAPI. If you have any specific questions, just ask them in comments.



  3. Below you may links to resources available for connecting C/C++ code and Web Services using Windows Web

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