Introducing a new API for connecting native code to web services at PDC 2008!

I am so excited that I can finally mention the technology I have been working on in the past year. Moreover, I will finally have a chance to introduce the rest of the world to this new API. At PDC 2008, I will be the speaker for the session with a title "Windows 7: Web Services in Native Code". In this session, I will introduce you to new Windows API for connecting native code to SOAP-based web services. My goal for this hour is to show you core layers of the new API and walk you through the programming model. Good understanding of Win32 APIs and programming around Win32 API would help with understanding demos in this session. Same goes for understanding of core concepts behind web services. However I will try to have a very short introduction into core terms and principles from the world of web services. If you do not know much about web services, no worries, I will go over basic things. In demos I will be using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and Windows SDK for Windows 7, well, to connect native code to web services. I am looking forward to seeing you at the talk!

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  1. Nish says:

    Sounds very interesting 🙂

    Is there any info available on the web right now? Or will it be only post-PDC?

  2. Nikola Dudar says:

    Hi Nish,

    No, there is not any more information about the new API on the web right now. Right after the session on PDC, I will be publishing more information about it.



  3. I’ve been pretty busy Engineering Windows 7 with the rest of the windows networking team and we are really

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