Moving from Visual C++ to Windows Core Networking

I would like to let readers of my blog know that today is my last day with Visual C++ team. Starting next Monday I am going to be on Windows Core Networking team. For a reader of my blog, this change of my position means that the content of future posts on my blog is going to be less focused on Visual C++. For some short period of time, I may still cover and answer questions about Visual C++ features in Orcas. But as I spend more time with my new team, content is going to change to cover projects and technologies I am working on then. In future, you are welcome to use Visual C++ team blog is and its contact form to get answers to specific questions about VC++ going forward.

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  1. Tanveer Badar says:

    This surely means VC++ has lost an extra ordinary member and Windows Core Networking team has gained one. 🙂

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