ATL Server source code on CodePlex is restored

Sometime last week source control and issue tracker data has been corrupted on one of CodePlex servers. As you may have already guessed, all source code for the ATL Server project has been lost with no ability to recover it. This time we were lucky. Trevor and I were able to re-construct last known good source of the project from local copies on our hard drives. I have resubmitted source code, re-build and re-tested the release. We have learned now from this accident and planning to keep copies on our hard drives. Please try downloading new release and see if everything has been recovered. Next work item for me is to do a quick re-test on Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1. I have tried before with pre-released Beta 1 build, so I am quite confident that I won't find anything new. But just as a sanity test, I will go through one more time later tomorrow.

Comments (2)

  1. May I ask a question:

    What is your policy on ATL?

    And why did you guys drop ATL support to such a neglecting level?

  2. Nikola Dudar says:


    VC++ is going to ship and provide full support for ATL as part of core libraries shipped with Visual Studio. There are not any plans at this moment to re-release ATL as a shared source projects. If you have a feature suggestions for ATL, please report them to the team using Connect site and they are going to consider adding them to ATL for the next release.



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