STL/CLR talk and demo from MVP Summit and SDWest 2007

Last week I have attended SD West 2007 conference. It has been a well organized conference with many very interesting sessions. I have found very interesting and educational all talks I have attended in C++ track, Vista track, WCF, Process and Security. I wished I was able to attend more sessions. A week before last week, there was an MVP Summit and VC team had been in meetings with MVPs during that week. In both events I had presented STL/CLR and describe its design and implementation. I am attaching print out of slides and a sample of code that I have been using for the talk. Please be aware that code in the example is not on a production level. It is built from a solution I have been using for some time to experiment with STL/CLR, break it, reproduce bugs and demonstrate prototypes for new features. I think I have cleaned it up well enough and same time it stills hits every part of STL/CLR. I hope you find it useful.


STLCLR Slides and Demo from

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