ATL Server project is making great progress!

So far source code for the library has been downloaded more 70 times and number is growing with everyday. The first download of the source code happened in one hour after the announcement of the project on my blog. Then about 30 downloads taken place over weekend. Of coarse, I would love to see more downloads. However considering that only 200 unique visits are made to the site, 70 downloads is roughly 30% of visitors of site. Which is really good number as far as how I see it. I look forward to getting more developers downloading and contributing to the library once Visual Studio Orcas Beta 1 is released.

Today I have added a page describing how one may join the project and contribute to the project. You may find it here, How to become a contributor?. Unfortunately this is not an easy and straightforward process. Well I have to use this process for now. Sara has mentioned  that CodePlex team is looking into simplifying this process for shared source projects. Hopefully very soon it is going to be just one page with click-able form or something similar with on-email approval.

At this point I am making bets on when the first proposal of a change in the library will be submit. FYI, I have won the bet on timing for the first download.

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