Norton WinDoctor errors about msvcr80.dll

Another email came in my inbox today. It is about Norton WinDoctor issuing errors about msvcr80.dll. If one does "One Button Checkup" with Norton WinDoctor 9.0 after .Net Framework 2.0 or Visual Studio 2005 is installed. It usually gives about all ten errors are in subfolders from C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ . At some point Martyn search web for forums and discussions of these issue and answered questions. I would just post recommendation already given by Martyn on forums:

a) First of all, do NOT copy msvcr80, msvcp80 or msvcm80 to either System32 or C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\  or Visual Studio directories. They do not belong to these folders and cannot be used by VS components.  You are just polluting the hard drive.  

b) If you've already put the files in these places, please delete them.
c) You can safely tell WinDoctor to ignore this problem.


As far as I know, Norton has been already informed by many people about this issue, so it may already been fixed.



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  1. Joel Raupe says:

    I would think Norton owner would have stung the company with complaints about thie error for years. Nevertheless, I’ve selected WinDoctor to ignore the non-issue. Some of the solutions recommended by those who’ve been distributing the beta .dill amaze me. Why not just invite someone tstall, or better, gratefully install a malicieous .dll file deep within my Win Sys… Oh, thank you so much! Norton no longer has an error. (Meanwhile, a keylogger has unfoldeded, looking for all the world like normal Sys operation,

  2. Peter says:

    my msnmessanger can t find msvcr80.dll i need that dll to try to fix it

  3. Nikola Dudar says:

    Please contact the support for MSN messanger and they should help you with resolving the issue. DO NOT try to download this DLL, or copy it from other computers. Just contact the support for MSN messanger or download any new versio nof Windows Live Messanger.


  4. Bill Noreck says:

    AS of 11 /28/06 Norton still generates this problem.Its what brought me to this post

  5. Nikola Dudar says:

    You need to report this issue to Symantec and get the new version of it. Last time it was discussed on forums someone said there is a version of Windoctor that does not report this error. Please contact Symantec and they should be able to help you out.


  6. Tammy E says:

    Yeppers… have/had that problem too.. that is what brought me here… Went to symantec and this is what is posted for this particular problem:  To prevent these messages from appearing, tell One Button Checkup or WinDoctor to ignore the errors. If you tell One Button Checkup or WinDoctor to fix the errors, the messages will reappear the next time that you scan the computer.  

    Well, duh… we know how to ignore a problem.. what about a fix?

    Anyway, My Norton System Works has done me real good, so a little glitch that can be ‘ignored’ I can deal with.

    Thank You for these posts as they really help when you are looking for ‘the answers’


    Quote of the Day

    To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.

         Farmers’ Almanac, 1978

  7. says:

    Norton WinDoctor errors about msvcr80.dll

    Saw your result after googling the file name – looked a good start for a trainee geriatric to learn bit about this apparent problem that appeared on Norton’s  "One button checkup".

    Very grateful to find such help – thank you.

    Andrew Mclean

  8. James says:

    Well what about not being able to start Norton due to "procedure entry point……in dll msvcr70.sll"? This also happened after installing after .Net Framework 2.0 .

  9. Nikola Dudar says:

    Same, you need to report this to Norton folks and ask for their help with resolving this issue.

  10. kid5150 says:

    I have been running Norton WinDoctor 05 as a stand alone in several systems for over a year now and this is the first (non) issue I have encountered. This was going to get messy until I saw this thread. Thank you for saving me the time and effort I would have spent working out a false error fix.

    Peace and Happy Holidays to a/All,


  11. Glenn Limina says:

    Thank you, NikolaD!  I have those exact same 10 errors.  Glad I didn’t start an overnighter w/ my computer trying to fix something that is merely a glitch and not a fixable problem.  Does anyone have the power to have Symantec look into this?  Do we really need the net/framework/v2.0?  My sanity is salvaged for now, I will print the this series of blog concerning this issue.  NikolaD is great!

  12. Max says:

    Hi folks, This is a question from Germany. Since I updated my .net framework to v3.0 today (via MS-update) my Norton WinDoctor as well reports the same missing file (msvcp80.dll). So let this message from Norton be a failure or not – What is so dangerous about downloading this file and putting it to the System dierctory ??? Does it do any arm ??? Or do you just want to keep your HD clean (what surely is  a good idea) ?

    Regards from Munich


  13. Nikola Dudar says:

    There is not any Microsoft owned and approved location from where one may download msvcp80.dll or any other Dll that Norton WinDoctor may complain about. Any websites that publish this or other DLL may easily publish a version with virus or other spyware. Please never download either msvcr80.dll or msvcp80.dll or any other VC++ Dlls from websites that publish them.


  14. BennyRop says:

    Max:  Since the problem is with Norton Windoctor, ignore the false error.  As for why not grabbing the file from where it resides on your hard drive and copying it to the system32 directory to make Norton stop complaining – another reason is that having multiple copies of various dlls on the system has caused problems for my clients in the past.  Sure, this file won’t do that.. (as it supposedly won’t get used if it’s in the system32 directory) – but it’s something to consider when thinking about adding dlls in the future.  

  15. Phil Swinney says:

    msvcr80.dll is a process associated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 from Microsoft Corporation. It is the Microsoft C Runtime Library and is used by programs written with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.  msvcr80.dll is not a critical component.

    What is the difference between msvcrt.dll and msvcr80.dll?

    The msvcrt.dll is now a "known DLL," meaning that it is a system component owned and built by Windows. It is intended for future use only by system-level components.

    What problems exist if an application uses both msvcrt.dll and msvcr80.dll?

    If you have a .lib or .obj file that needs to link to msvcrt.lib, then you should not have to recompile it to work with the new msvcrt.lib in Visual C++ 2005. The .lib or .obj file may rely on the sizes, field offsets, or member function names of various CRT classes or variables, and those should all still exist in a compatible way. When you relink against msvcrt.lib, your final EXE and DLL image will now have a dependency on msvcr80.dll instead of msvcrt.dll.

    If you have more than one DLL or EXE, then you may have more than one CRT, whether or not you are using different versions of Visual C++. For example, statically linking the CRT into multiple DLLs can present the same problem. Developers encountering this problem with static CRTs have been instructed to compile with /MD to use the CRT DLL. Now that the CRT DLL has been renamed to msvcr80.dll, applications may have some components linked to msvcrt.dll and others to msvcr80.dll. If your DLLs pass CRT resources across the msvcrt.dll and msvcr80.dll boundary, you will encounter issues with mismatched CRTs and need to recompile your project with Visual C++ 2005.

  16. Phil Swinney says:

    Additionally, from the following:

    Hello everyone,

    My name’s Martyn Lovell, and I’m the development lead of the team that produces msvcr80.dll [The Visual C++ Libraries team]. There are a couple of things I’d like to clarify.

    First, Norton WinDoctor is wrong. It incorrectly reports that msvcr80 is missing when in fact it is correctly installed in the WinSxS directly in the windows. folder. If you own WinDoctor, you should report this bug to Symantec so that they get it fixed.

    Do NOT copy the this file to any of the folders WinDoctor recommends.

    If you’ve already attempted to take corrective action for this issue (by copying msvcr80.dll or msvcr80d.dll to …system32 or to the .NET Framework directory), please delete them. These files do not need to be copied around, and doing so may cause problems in future.

    Please feel free to contact me directly if you have more questions, as I don’t read this forum regularly.

    Martyn Lovell

    Development Lead

    Visual C++ Libraries

  17. Heto says:

    Thanks Martyn. I will leave it ignored for now.

  18. Mike says:

    I dealt with this Symantec/Norton Windoctor issue last year when I installed Norton SystemWorks and ran WinDoctor. I told it to "ignore" as recommended by Symantec support. I read/researched many internet postings on various forums and I’m OK with letting it ignore it. My system is working fine (Win XP 2).

    BUT …. now I’m trying to install a PC game "Call of Duty 2" and I’m getting the error message:

    "Executable ‘E:setuprsrccod2’ had the following unrecoverable error: Couldn’t find library MSVCR80.dll (required by C:PROGRA~1WINDOW~3MpShHook.dll) Please ensure that it is installed."

    I searched for "msvcr80.dll" on my system and it is in the folder:


    Why is this error happening?

    Please help.



  19. jamie says:

    i have the exact same problem as Mike

  20. Bob says:

    Me to i have the same problem as mike and jamie plz help me i loved that game

  21. leesh says:

    hey after doing the one button checkup it said i was missing the msvcr80.dll file…eleven times. i click repair, and it says it does, then scan again and the error pops up again… im not a real expert on computers! can anyone help me?

  22. Marko says:

    Why doesn’t WinDoctor fix the erroneous message?  Makes me wonder what else is wrong with WinDoctor.

  23. John says:

    I dont think they will ever fix that error they are just lazy

  24. Jody says:

    Someone on this board (Phil Swinney) said that the "missing" file is associated with Visual Studio 2005.  I installed Visual Studio 2003 version last year, and I am learning to use the program at the moment (the visual basic element).  Will this error message affect my use of Visual Studio?  Or is the message caused by the installation of Visual Studio?  The error messages have only just appeared today despite regular use of WinDoctor.  Shouldn’t they have appeared long before if associated with my installation of VS2003?

    I am using Norton Systemworks 2003 (I paid lots for it a few years ago and I’m going to use it for as long as possible, dammit).  My WinDoctor also reports that files msvcp80.dll and wnaspi32.dll (in addition to msvcr80.dll are missing.  Are these errors related?

    I don’t really want to just keep ignoring the problem.  The website is looking very very tempting at the moment.  Would this not stop the problem coming up altogether?  This is the only website that I can find that says not to fix the problem.  Most of the others seem to say I can fix this error quickly and easily.



  25. Petitmiam says:

    I am the artist formerly known as "Jody", but someone already took that as a login.

    Just wanted to mention that I updated to Adobe Reader 8.0 so I could read a document just the other day, so this is probably what triggered the error messages related to Adobe (the msvc… files).  

    However, today I am also "apparently" missing another file wnaspi32.dll related to Brother software (presumably to do with my Brother MFC-210C multifunction printer/scanner/fax etc.  Anyone know about this one?



  26. Petitmiam says:

    I cannot find the previous message I sent under the name "Jody" just before I worked out how to get a log-in.  Maybe that one is still being moderated, or maybe it is lost.

    Basically what I was trying to find out was:  

    1) Will this error affect my use of Visual 2003 version?

    2) Is this error caused by having VS2003 installed?  If so, why did it not occur earlier in the piece?  I have had VS2003 installed since last year as I am learning how to use Visual BASIC (would like to progress to C++ later on).  I have been doing WinDoctor scans (using 2003 Systemworks) at least fortnightly, and this is the first time it has come up with (these) errors that I cannot fix.

    Please help,


  27. Dave says:

    This thread is great and imho v. important because there is still a lot of rubbish out there on this subject. (Google mscvr80 and see what happens!!!) Norton still refuses to comment publicly on this and support is non-existant. Why doesn’t this thread appear more prominently on search engines?? still I suppose you have to dig to find gold.

  28. qiplayer says:

    I’m troubling on the other pc. I don’t have the file msvcr80.dll, that computer connects to internet every 3 minuts for 20 seconds, d’ont know If it is related to this file.

    I’m looking for a place to download this file and unzip it whitout paying for specifical programs.

    In an other forum I read that also paying for the program that unzips the file, and putting it in the wright place he is still having the same problem.

    On this pc I don’t have that file. Don’t know why

  29. Gary says:

    Nortons seems to have a reputation that most of use want to believe in but their program obviously has bugs.  Systemworks gives a measure of confidence because you can see what "problems" it has found verus regclean which seems to do something then closes.  You have no idea what it did and then you worry that it did something you did not want it to.  But how do we know that Systemworks is right?  We now know that it is isn’t and if it got this wrong what else does it get wrong?  What are all those invalid active x controls that are always breaking?  Has anyone ever been able to run Systemworks and have it not find a problem?

    In the end, Systemworks is just a program just like any other it has it’s obvious problems.  I am glad to that I found this forum and now know that this is a problem with Nortons.  It is unfortunate that Windows is so complicated that we can not tell when something is giving us false information.  There is so much stuff in the registry and it is so cryptic that no one can figure out what is what.   The thing is, does anyone know of any viable alternatives?  Any open source project going on out there to address the lack of compition to Nortons?

  30. hswolfmaniac says:

    The following Symantec link identifies the solution for the msvcr80.dll as well as the mfc80.dll and msvcp.dll errors found by WinDoctor.  I was just online to Symantec tech support, and each error was ignored.

  31. hswolfmaniac says:

    P.S. The mfc80.dll and the msvcp80.dll errors apply to Adobe and Quicken as well as the msvcr80.dll error.  Hope this helps everyone.

  32. Janov says:

    I think Norton Systemworks may works properly, and that missing file msvcr80.dll is not missed on the hard disc, it can be located in winSxs as correctly belongs to .Net which are released by Microsoft. Norton have a bug, that is no doubt about that. They selves are telling us that on their support for Systemworks 05, and they have no fix for that because it is not necessary in this case, it is better to use the program or remove it and throw it away…

    It is not good to copy such files as msvcr80.dll and others like that kind of files, because of the risc to get irreparable errors and even cause a veritable crash, or pollute the hard disc with incorect files in wrong directories. I have tried to understand the theories of this topic and the worries about such reports from Norton Systemworks did not works, it can not do that practical, a report which are incorrect is creating anxiousness and a lot of unnecessary works to solution a bug!

    The correct solution is:

    a) ignore the incorrect bug report in the program

    b) remove that program

    Janov, Sweden

  33. Carol says:

    I am so grateful I found this site.  All of your comments just saved me a massive headache.

  34. Andre says:

    Thanks for all this above. Fortunately read this before installing the file and creating more problems.

    One just cannot help but wonder why the bug? has not been fixed. It just shows how much Norton actually care about the users of their products.

  35. interbrood says:

    Hi,I am having the same problem of the missing msvcr80.dll but it first said it was missing in msn and to reinstall the program so i did.once i deleted msn i rebooted and rechecked with norton and now it was saying that it was missing everywhere else except msn.I then reinstalled a clean version of msn and now once more its finding the same missing file in msn. I am wondering if it is the net framework update from windows with the bug or norton?

    Now my camera will not launch to send pics to my computer and although i have deleted and reinstalled the camera programs nothing has changed and i am wondering if it has something to do with the missing file?Anyone have any thoughts on this,


    Brian    Montreal Canada

  36. Frederick says:

    I’m using the 2006 version of Norton SystemWorks and still find this error message imbedded in their programming. It appears that we’re gooing to have to live with the problem since Norton’s programmers haven’t done their homework.

    I went through the "copy these files" etc. nonsence some time ago. That’s probably why I had to eventually replace my hard drive (a good chance to upgrade to a larger drive — except my laptop, a T21 ThinkPad, won’t recognize more then 64GB on a 120GB WD drive [anyone have an answer to that problem]).

    I’m glad I foud this listing. It is saving me a lot of headaches, time and trouble. Too bad I didn’t find it the last time I tried to solve the alleged "problem."

    Has anyone tried the newest version of Norton’s for the new Vista system? Is the bug still there?

  37. Larry says:

    Thanks for thread.  Wish I found it before I finally got so frustrated that I uninstalled .NET… after which Norton reported about 40 apps couldn’t find msvcr80.  Worse yet, retrospect express couldn’t run anymore to backup, and had other apps to repair. …so now .NET is going back on, and Norton will be told to stand-down about missing dll.  I appreciate your help!

  38. Robert says:


    I’m having a problem with the install of Call of Duty 2 on my sons computer. When I try to install it a window pops up and says,

    Couldn’t find library MSVCR80.dll required by c:progra~1micros~2office12GrooveUtil.dll

    Can anyone help?



  39. Robert says:


    This is Rob again, also I dont have windoctor or Norton.


  40. LeeHain says:

    I get the same error about missing the dll but I don’t have Norton or Win Defender. I agree with Jody that installing a version of Acrobat reader caused the problem.

  41. Shirley says:

    I just started having this problem, missing msvcr80.dll in about 10 places ….after I installed Adobe Reader.

    Glad I found this site, I was just thinking of downloading the dll and putting it into the sytem 32….whew!

  42. Doug Haman says:

    I found myself looking for the DLL as well.  My search was due to the new version of Adobe Acrobat 9.  I feel that Adobe should have distributed this file with their application.  To fix the problem I downloaded the Visual C++ Runtime Library 2008 from the Microsoft site.  I tried to send an email to Martyn Lovell, but I was denied. by the relay server.  Anyway, if you can get a hold of that person, perhaps they could be informed and supply information on the appropriate fix.

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