Codeguru slow chat or where I spend my time

Sorry, I know I promised more information about STL/CLR and did not keep my promise last two days. It is just I have a portion of my time dedicated to emails from you or posts made by you on forums or in newsgroups. In particular last two days I have spent that portion of time on either discussing posts on CodeGuru slow chat on VC++ past, current and future or replying to these posts. I am inviting you to participate in discussion on this forum if you have done so already.

However there are two questions that I have been asked about STL/CLR that I would like to quickly answer.

a) Will STL/CLR containers support storing object of native types (ClassA*, for example)?

The answer is not, we are not going to support this scenario. We expect developer to use STL.

b) Is iostream part of Standard C++ library is part of STL/CLR?

Again answer is no, stream support is not part of STL/CLR. We expect you to either use stream support provided by CLR or SCL iostreams after data is marshaled from managed types to native types.

This is all for today.


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