Where is STL/CLR

Well, finally I have a good news. We have started working on preparing STL/CLR (former called STL.NET) for the next Community Technology Preview of the Orcas-version of Visual Studio. We are targeting CTP#2 that is planned to be released in late July/early August timeframe. We are going to show a build of STL/CLR which we are currently using for all investigations and changes planning. By the time it is available in CTP, we are expecting to have investigated all major issues in the current design and implementation. I am planning to share with you a list of “known issues” published on either a blog (mine or VC) or in readme. I may be asking for input on a design in some specific areas and more hign level feedback on overall design/usability/goodness. As you may see I have opened a new category on my blog in which I am going to try hard to regularly make posts about STL/CLR try to prepare as much of background information about the library as possible.

With this said, I will be moving to another post to discuss question that I really want to answered today. The question of what is STL/CLR and for who it is intended for.

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  1. STL/SLR (旧 STL.NET) の状況

  2. STL/SLR (旧 STL.NET) の状況

  3. Norman Diamond says:

    There are CTPs of the next Visual Studio, and there was already one before June 16?  I guess the reason I didn’t know about it was because I renewed my MSDN subscription at the Pro level, which supposedly includes the next Visual Studio?

  4. Nikola Dudar says:

    We have not released STL/CLR in the first CTP. We are targetting to release preview of STL/CLR in one of upcoming CTP later this summer. I will be posting information about dates for release when I have them.

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