Release of STL/CLR (STL.NET)

I have an update for everyone interested in STL/CLR (used to be called STL.Net). During the last few months, the Visual C++ Libraries team has been focusing on fixing customer reported bugs in VS2005 and on increasing the level of automated testing we do on libraries code. You may find more information on goal for MQ milestone on Soma's blog. This is going to remain the first priority activity for the development team till the end of MQ in preparation for an upcoming Service Pack to VS2005.


Unfortunately we were not able to continue working on STL/CLR simultaneously. Therefore we have reluctantly decided to put the web release of STL/CLR on hold. The current plan is to restart work on finishing up STL/CLR during Spring of 2006. The library is planned to be publicly released in one of the first Community Technical Preview builds for the next version of Visual Studio. I will have more details on this matter around mid of March of this year.

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  1. STL/CLI (旧 STL.NET)が、更に公開延期 – Visual C++

  2. STL/CLI (旧 STL.NET)が、更に公開延期 – Visual C++

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