Speak up if you use #define _HAS_EXCEPTIONS

I am trying to understand number of customers use this #define and user
scenarios it is currently used in. If you see #define _HAS_EXCEPTIONS in
your source code, could you please reply to me directly or just comment here info on

- what kind application is this?

- what are reasons to use this #define?

- how big is an impact on you if this #define was removed from STL inVS2005?

Please specify in your reply if you want me to post your comment online. Yes is assumed by default.


Comments (2)

  1. Guy Davidson says:

    I wish I’d found this earlier…  Using the STL without exceptions is crucial to us in our code shop.  We write games and when we discovered it was just a beta feature we ended up having to rewrite all our containers.

  2. Bob says:

    Umm, could have been easier to switch to STLPort

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