Hello everyone! I am the Program Manager for the Visual C++ Libraries team. The libraries team owns and maintain all VC++ libraries. The most well-known libraries are the C Runtime, Standard C++ library, MFC and ATL. I also closely work with the Platform SDK team, that delivers tools and libraries to build 32bit and 64bit applications and systems for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. If you have ever requested the VC++ 64bit SDKfor VS2003, you already know that I am going to be the person who talks to you about every issue related to this SDK. I am also a part of  the programming model team, which sets what is Microsoft C++ and what can be done using C++. This team consists of representatives from each team in VC++ and I represent Libraries team in our meetings and discussions.


I am joining the community of Microsoft bloggers primarily to share my thoughts and expertise on Visual C++ libraries and C++ itself. In addition to this, I am planning to use this blog to address most often asked questions and problems that users of VC++ libraries are hitting. I will try to re-post most interesting issues reported in VC++ and how these issues can be worked around or resolved.


So enough with introduction and in my next post I am going to talk about have been asked several times. Many our customers and parterns have a question in their mind on what they should use to build 64bit applications that target SP1 of Windows Server 2003 and WindowsXP.


One last thing, standard disclaimer folks.


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  1. Uwe Keim says:

    So here is one questions:

    – Will a MSLU-enabled version of MFC will be included inside the next Visual Studio version? (as described by Michael here:



  2. Nikola says:

    I have seen your bug entered on MSDN. Martyn, the dev lead fore VC Libraries, has already replied to you. So I will just refrase it. We do not curretly support MSLU. It is only adds value if one targets Win9x and we see very small number of people interested in this feature. However if you disagree and you have a strong case against this, please feel free to reactivate bug you have open on MSDN and we will look into this one more time. Thanks,


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