Feedback on VS2005

You probably already know that VS2005 has been released. Just a small note. One can still use Product Feedback site, to report bugs and suggestions to VS2005 even after it is released. Bugs are still upload to internal database and triaged there. And, of course, you can still use forums,

VS2005 docs are online!

 I would like to let readers know that most of material that I have on my blog in regard of Fusion and VC++ libs, manifests and other side-by-side things, all or most of this is already available in a form of VC++ docs online on It is actually online for quite some time, but…

Running C++ application built by VC++ Express on another computer

Another FAQ from VC++ Express users is: “I give my VC++ application to my friend, and it does not run on her computer.” This happens because VC++ Dlls have to be redistributed to another computer together with this application.   There are three ways to get an application built with VC++ Express 2005 to run…


Visual C++ on PDC 2005

If you have not heard that already, just a reminder that PDC is in two weeks. I will fly to LA only for two pre-conference days when I am going to talk about MFC in VS2005 and going forward and also about change in deployment for VC++ libraries, how it was done in VC and…

Avalon and Win32

Nick Kramer has posted a draft of his paper on integration of Win32 and Avalon. Great read. Take a look if you are interested in your application ready for Longhorn. Here is the link to the paper

Enabling anonymous comments

I was just informed that external folks cannot comment on my posts. Sorry, my mistake. I think it was because anonymous comments were not allowed. Hopefully it will work now.

Complete example for MFC/Winforms integration

Just posted on MSDN a sample of MFC/Windows Forms integration  as it is in Visual Studio 2005. Please be advised that some parts of it may not work with early builds of VS2005. However it should all work on release of VS2005. Here is the link

Speak up if you use #define _HAS_EXCEPTIONS

I am trying to understand number of customers use this #define and user scenarios it is currently used in. If you see #define _HAS_EXCEPTIONS in your source code, could you please reply to me directly or just comment here info on – what kind application is this? – what are reasons to use this #define? -…


cannot access private member error when porting MFC project

On the forum, we have surfaced another error. I had a chance today to see a real-world code with this error and actually to narrow down the problem. So if you see an error like 1>c:\program files\microsoft visual studio 8\vc\atlmfc\include\afxwin.h(259) : error C2248: ‘CObject::operator =’ : cannot access private member declared in class ‘CObject’ 1>…


Share your experience of using third party static libs and problems you encounter

Quite commonly know problem is that if you have a 3rd party static library and you switch to new version of VC++, you have to rebuilt the 3rd party library. There are many issues when you try linking old static libs with new code. Most of them are unresolved external errors from linker and/or runtime…