XAML PowerToys for VisualStudio – Speed up Development of Business Apps and Just Edit XAML Faster!

Check them out – including screenshots – on Karl’s (one of my friends) site:   http://karlshifflett.wordpress.com/xaml-power-toys/   XAML Power Toys Speed up production of Business (LOB) Applications in WPF and Silverlight! Automatically create XAML views from VB or C# Code: ·         Create WPF or Silverlight DataGrid For Class – quickly create a WPF DataGrid complete…


3 Easy Steps to WPF Pixel Shaders. Template Project and Five Shader Samples (Twirl UI, Light, Blobs, Grayscale and Wave reflection)

In This Tutorial: ·         Template project and simple 3-step instructions to kick start WPF pixel shaders ·         Introduction to Pixel Shaders in WPF ·         Source Code for 3 pixel shaders ·         Links to 2 pixel shader sources on the web Using Shaders in WPF: The Easy Way Pixel shaders are a great way to enhance…


LayoutTransform control in Silverlight 2

I found a very good post: How to do LayoutTransform in Silverlight. Currently Silverlight supports RenderTransform out of the box. Read this: http://blogs.msdn.com/delay/archive/2008/05/27/lying-to-the-layout-system-for-a-good-cause-bringing-layouttransform-to-silverlight-2.aspx on how to make a layout transform work in SL2.  This is pretty nifty thing, since layout transforms can be used for a lot of things. The author has pretty comprehensive tests and…


What’s new In the WPF 3.5 SP1 Visual Studio Editor with Erick Ellis and Mark Wilson-Thomas

Erick Ellis and Mark Wilson-Thomas talk about what’s new in the WPF editor for Visual Studio in .NET 3.5 SP1.  Topics include faster performance both from WPF and optimizations of their own,  new cool visualizers, the Document Outline (very useful for WPF Apps) and more.And as Mark mentioned, if you want to get your feedback in for future updates, go…


Reading Embedded Resources

Just a small reminder for myself. I have to do this way too often recently to remember. This is how to read embedded resources in Silverlight application (or WPF app for that matter) – like binaries, images, xml, etc, from an embedded resource         /// <summary>        /// Reads information from an embedded resource.        /// In…


We’re Hiring – Part 3 (Revolutions)

Update on job positions!     Do you want to work as part of the Microsoft Visual Studio Product Team? If “yes”, please contact me for details. For the people that contacted me already: thank you. I’ve been forwarding your CVs as appropriate to our recruiters in the past few weeks.   List of some jobs openings…


Binding Animation To and From Properties

When trying to bind animation To and From properties to something else you may get this exception: “Cannot freeze the storyboard timeline tree for use across threads”. One possible workaround is to put the animation in a resource. I found a very good post with a sample and few ways to make this work. It…


We’re Hiring Reloaded!

Update on job positions! For the people that contacted me already: thank you. I’ve been forwarding your CVs as appropriate to our recruiters in the past few weeks. Sorry for not anwering yet to all of you. Will get back to you ASAP. There are several new job openings: 1. WPF/Silverlight designer in VS -…


WPF Application Quality Guide v0.1 Released

This is a v0.1 white paper that we hope upon completion to be a one-stop point for guidance and best practices to improve product quality and testability for WPF applications. The first CTP of the paper has few selected content. Content in HTML format Content in word doc for download     


Visual Studio 2008 is Out!

Nice. I’m so happy. Our product is RTM now!!! Yes!!!!!! http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/default.aspx :))