Cool All-age Silverlight Game

I found a pretty cool chill-out style game in Silverlight. Just go and draw your first animal 馃檪 it’s pretty nice to see those things come to life. Also there are some cool things you can play with friends and share the animals and joy 馃檪 You don’t need an account to play   


XAML PowerToys for VisualStudio – Speed up Development of Business Apps and Just Edit XAML Faster!

Check them out – including screenshots – on Karl鈥檚 (one of my friends) site:   XAML Power Toys Speed up production of Business (LOB) Applications in WPF and Silverlight! Automatically create XAML views from VB or C# Code: 路         Create WPF or Silverlight DataGrid For Class – quickly create a WPF DataGrid complete…


3 Easy Steps to WPF Pixel Shaders. Template Project and Five Shader Samples (Twirl UI, Light, Blobs, Grayscale and Wave reflection)

In This Tutorial: 路         Template project and simple 3-step instructions to kick start WPF pixel shaders 路         Introduction to Pixel Shaders in WPF 路         Source Code for 3 pixel shaders 路         Links to 2 pixel shader sources on the web Using Shaders in WPF: The Easy Way Pixel shaders are a great way to enhance…


Cool Silverlight Splash Screen Concept Demo (including Source Code)

In this tutorial:  Creating a cool (and easy) Vista-like “ray of light” effect in Silverlight Creating images for splash screens The demo below shows a “core” that emits rays of light as a hypothetical download progresses. Download source code   Images used to create this sample: Bottom: Top: Just right-click, save them and they are…


7 Easy Steps to Learn C#: Silverlight C# Compiler and Loading DLLs from a server at runtime in Silverlight

In This Tutorial: 路         C# compiler demo for the web – type code in a web page, compile and execute it on the client 路         How to enable dynamic code compilation for a Silverlight application 路         How to execute third party DLL from within a Silverlight application Download source code View sample What Is It…


Building the Reallistic Water Ripples Sample in Silverlight

In this tutorial: – creating and rendering water ripples – optimized image generation – JPEG decoding component for Silverlight Source code for this sample Algorithm The algorithm is based on Hugo Elias鈥 2D water tutorial. On each render step we have the state of the water for the current frame and the previous frame. The…


Optimized Joe Stegman’s Dynamic Image Generation (Twice the Speed)

I needed a good and relatively fast dynamic image generation code for Silverlight (for the next sample, you鈥檒l see). Joe Stegman has an excellent post including source code for generating images in Silverlight: Joe鈥檚 code is simple and easy to understand, but can be optimized for speed quite a bit. After doing some profiling…


EasyHyperbar Navigation Control – A hyperbar, only easier (in Silverlight)

In this Tutorial 路         Analysis of the usability of the typical Hyperbar Control 路         Silverlight sample with source code for a better control (in my opinion) There are two important traits of a navigation control: usability and looks. Usability of the control can determine if a person will be using your application in the long…


Ray Tracing in Silverlight

I had some free time today and did this: I’d like to note that LukeH made the core raytracing engine in C#. He built it using linq and the code looks very elegant . I did the “Silverlight” part of it. There are some things to think about with ray tracing in Silvelright – see the links at…