A Taste of What’s To Come – My New Game Concept Art

Here...a quick bite from the new game coming out...

Silverlight 3, full screen,

Got an idea for a name?



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  1. Name ideas for you:



    Loose Cannon







    Cutter Valkyrie


    I could go on and on

  2. nikola says:

    oh yes! Thanks a lot dude!

  3. Jason says:

    I really like Hyperfang and Cutter Valkyrie and anything Star*. How about we do a bit of DNA-splicing and call it StarFang?

    Shadow Wing:

    An elite Imperial experiment in  war-machines

    stranded in the pirate-infested asteroid belt

    by a mysterious plague sweeping the Martian colonies and the Imperial Estates back on Earth.

    Some pirate crews have the plague too… Don’t let them board you or the world will start to warp and bend as the virus starts degrading the neural implants linking you to the ship’s AI, StephANIE (Artificial Neural-Independent Extermination).

    The Martian colonies are turning secessionist. Intercept their supply convoys. Strafe their diplomatic shuttles. Raid their mining colonies. Or else, because StephANIE will be watching.

    If you stay out too long hiding in the ‘roid belt, re-charging and resting, or ignoring KILL-ACTION flash-messages, she won’t like it.

    So keep StephANIE happy, or she’ll weaken the plasma field keeping the ship’s fusion core stable…

    And, if the rumours are true, there’s something else out there. Something fast and powerful. Piloted by a Martian miner’s son who was there when the Emperor ‘pacified’ the science station that created StephANIE.

    Maybe if you respond to an Imperial crusier distress call fast enough or if you tour the wreck of an Imperial fleet, you’ll see the scarlet flash of a Starfang glyph on a departing fighter…

    Maybe there isn’t just one StarFang. Maybe there’s a… Shadow Wing.

    And StephANIE hurts you when you think like this. Someone has the codes to de-activate StephANIE. And the star-map to Libertania. The only colony that stayed free after the First Rebellion was ended by the Emperor’s grandfather when he was just a subaltern prefect of the Splendid Federation of Free and Scientific Republics.

    Play. StephANIE wants you to.

  4. nikola says:

    oo, thanks Jason,

    That story is really cool!! Actualy I have a story already and will not be using yours. My story it’s not as developed like yours but the main trends are starting to emerge. My story is about parallel universes: I call the matter, time, and cause-effect in those universees "Realities". Using a Reality Drive you can steal those space, time and cause-effect relationships, form the parallel universe – e.g. you can become faster, smarter, or change someone’s reaction in this Reality stealing another Reality from somewhere else. The story is about a guy (girl) who unintentionally kills his own parents. It’s about mending someone’s life, if it is possible to do so and the sacrifices we make. Well, that’s the general idea…but I have hard time figuring out the game physics. I want some unique gameplay element…and gameplay is THE most important in my opinion..story, music, graphics are nothing compared to it…so I’ll try to get that right at least 🙂

    I think you should continue and develop your story into something (e.g. a game, or short sci-fi story) – you have talent and passion for it!

    Thanks again for sharing it!


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